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Know Kasauli
Tips for travellers

Kasauli is located on a side road off the main highway that connects Kalka to Shimla. The town lie curled along the heights of the first major row of hills and its height is 1927 metres.

STD Code
91 (country code) followed by 01793.

When to Visit
Kasauli is a year round destination. It is fairly warm in summer and light woollens and cottons are suggested. It is cold in winter and heavy woollens and jackets are required. It is fairly windy at most of the times around year.

Travel Tips 

A good pair of walking shoes will make your Kasauli trip an experience that cannot be imagined from inside a car. 

It can be wet, windy therefore appropriate clothing should be carried along. While driving, those who are prone to travel sickness should carry appropriate medication. 

Language Tips Hindi is language spoken in the area and most of the people can speak English too. 

Emergency Information The closest large medical facility is the CRI Kasauli and thereafter PGI (0172-2747585) at Chandigarh. Kasauli has essential medical facilities. But for safty it is suggested all important prescription medicines be carried along. 

How to ReachAir: Closest airport is Chandigarh and is 67 kilometres away from kasauli. Taxis are available to from there. Ordinary buses are also available for Kasauli. 

Train Closest broad-gauge is at Kalka, which is at 35 kilometres away. Connections to all major cities like as Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata, Amritsar are possible from Kalka. The closest narrow gauge railhead on the Kalka-Shimla line is from Dharampur at a distance of 12 Km. Taxis are available form Kasauli.

Road Chandigarh is 61 kilometres and Shimla is at at distance of 77 kilometres. Delhi is at 330 kilometres away from kasauli. Taxis are available from Kasauli.

Entertainment Walking and more of walking in Kasauli is main entertainment. 

Night Life Nightlife in Kasauli is limited and is only what offered by the hotels and resorts. Most hotels have a bar on the premises. Some also offer a bonfire but on request.

The 1857 Indian War of Independence stirred the hearts of the Kasauli Guard, numbering about eighty Indian soldiers. Receiving news that the Gurkha Regiment at nearby Jutogh has also risen in revolt, the garrison at Kasauli set out to join them. Before the two could combine and pose a serious threat, the British agent talked the Gurkha Regiment into submission, on promise of a general pardon. The Kasauli Guard found themselves completely isolated. So far from being pardoned, they were severely punished for their insurgence.
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